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This Person celebration goes to JOY CAREY!  Here is what others have to say about this person!


I first met Joy at an Annual Awards Dinner.   She was very quiet and soft-spoken, almost the opposite of me.   As time passed, it seemed that at almost every company function, Joy and I ended up sitting together and slowly, I finally got to know Joy.   She is one of the kindest people I know - very considerate, very polite and easy-going; a person who would ‘give you the shirt off their back”.   When it comes to her job, she is detailed oriented and exact.   You can ask her anything and you’ll get the right answer every time!    I really enjoy our occasional meetings at company functions.   Both Joy and her husband are truly “good people”!!    

 - Karen Bickerton

Joy is awesomeness 100 times over. She handles a lot of the projects no one wants & the not so fun ones. I miss seeing her every day. She has been so helpful to me since I started with the company and I don't know what I'd do without my birthday twin.  Thank you Joy for all that you've done for me.  I appreciate you more than you know. 

– Lisa Cataline


Joy is a caring, calm and sweet lady. She is someone who can handle a lot but you would never know how much she is handling at any one time because she never gets emotional and keeps her feet on the ground.  She is really a wonderful person to be around. 

– Robyn Altshuler

Have you ever heard this person complain?  Actually, have you ever heard this person at all?  This person is so quiet and virtually invisible but does so much work!  This person has dealt with plenty to complain about!  Remember the server issues we had when no one could punch in?  This person had to manually correct all of those punches!  How about those tedious copy/print reports? Huh?  Glad I don't have to deal with all of that!  This person is a little like one of Santa's Elves!  Quietly working behind the scenes, keeping order in chaos and never getting the glory for the massive amount of work being accomplished! As long as she's doing it, no one notices and everything runs smoothly! Thank you person!  I'm so glad this will bring your diligence and talents to the masses!  You deserve to be seen and applauded!  

 p.s. I miss seeing you in your civvies in the morning at Dunkin Donuts 

- Rachael Bairstow


Joy is integral part of the back office for CBP.  She operates quietly behind the scenes pulling together reports, helping with corp contracts, insurances, special projects, and HR responsibilities.  Joy is always positive and pleasant no matter what.  She has the ability to put her hands on whatever documents you need.   She is pleasure to work with and a great communicator.  Thank you Joy for coming back and enjoy those Kayaking trips and keep taking your amazing photos of nature.

 -Linda Gonzalez


She definitely deserves this and more.  Joy has got to be one of the most patient kind hearted people that work here.  With her being “behind the scenes” I don’t ever really get a chance to see her or really talk to her, but I know having to deal with me and forgetting to clock in, out is major …. She never gets upset (or just doesn’t show it) and will even go out of her way to call if she cannot figure out time sheets just so we get paid on time!   She is truly an asset to this company! She deserves much more than just kudos! 

-Jill Lopez

Just don’t know what I’d do without Joy! She does so many things that people don’t know about. She’s our guru of all things complicated and miscellaneous: domain names, insurance (coverage, renewals, certificates, and audits), corporate entity status, commercial leasing support, payroll, PTO, HR records, event planning, keeping Steve on track and so many other behind the scenes tasks! Seriously would be lost without her! Thank you Joy for your calm peaceful presence in our crazy whirlwind weeks!  

                                                                                                 -Barb Ford

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