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by Tabathia Campbell Flick, Brokers Associate

Unless you’re 7 years old chances are you haven’t recently asked someone to “tell me a story.” However, we are constantly surrounded by stories in our everyday lives. Stories from the news. Stories on Netflix. Stories in advertisements. Stories on Twitter. You get the point.

Some stories stick with us and others we ignore. Some stories make us stop and think, but others cause us to be annoyed. Whether we realize it or not, stories are what ultimately make us believe one thing or another. Stories impact our purchase decisions and even determine the brands we choose to trust. But do stories really have any impact on the real estate company you choose to help you buy or sell your home? They most certainly do.

For over 110 years, the story of Coldwell Banker has not been about us as a real estate brand. We are not the hero of our story, and we don’t claim that it’s our network of 88,000 agents across the globe either. The hero of our story is home. It’s been at the core of what we do for over a century. The buyers we’ve helped find that perfect place for them to call home are our protagonists. The sellers who are moving to that dream location they have waited years to live in are the central characters of our tale.

We are not heroes. We are simply the guides, mentors and advisers who help buyers and sellers through the process of finding a place to call home. In some of the greatest stories ever told, the hero’s guide often possess a tool to help the hero on their way. Obi Wan Kenobi shared with Luke Skywalker how to use a lightsaber. Dorothy was given red slippers and a path to follow from the good witch, Glinda. Gandalf had his staff to help Frodo on his journey.

While we, as real estate agents don’t claim to possess magical swords, staffs or slippers, we are empowered with some one-of-a-kind tools to help guide our customers on the path to home ownership. Those tools are a unique technology platform available to only Coldwell Banker agents that includes our big data-crunching app, CBx, to help identify where potential buyers are coming from; a Smart Home Staging Kit to help market homes to today’s smart home intrigued buyers; and our CB Zap web platform to determine the readiness of buyers who view our properties online.

CBx, Smart Home and CB Zap are just a few of the many tools we as agents have at our disposal to help customers write a new chapter in their lives with the purchase or sale of a home.

You won’t find our stories on a bookshelf or the topic of a serialized podcast. Instead our stories are told every day at the kitchen tables, high-rise balconies and backyards of people who have sought our assistance.

To learn more about the real estate company with real advantages, or to find out what your home is worth in today’s competitive Real Estate Market call Tabathia Campbell-Flick, Broker Associate at 772-528-2492.

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