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Linda  Hollington
Linda  Hollington
Office: Indialantic Office
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I am originally from a small town in Ohio, raised by Christian parents, who owned a small business. I learned to listen and care for customer needs at an early age. Talking with customers daily, both the regulars and new comers was always my favorite assignment. I owned and operated a business on my own for 23 years while raising 4 children, who are now raising my 8 grandchildren. I understand the challenges of single parents and parents, owning and maintaining a home, choosing a school and community to raise a family in and the cost considerations. My wonderful husband of 16 years and I owned and operated another business for most of our years together. We have a wonderful family of 6 children total and 11 grandchildren that we thank God for. I know personally the challenge of grandparents, concern and provision for the next generation all the while funding your retirement. I have had the pleasure and satisfaction of working and serving in several churches through the years, teaching, choir, chair person, deacon and elder. Sometimes finding where you belong in your community is what really makes it home. And rated number 3 in the many experiences I have had, is being an instrument rated single engine pilot...thrilling...I recommend it for all grandmothers. Pursuing dreams isn't making the news these days, I know, but it should be a part of us everyday! NEVER STOP DREAMING! My most recent dream is to become the very best real estate agent anyone has ever had and based on my track record, I believe I can! The dream of owning a home has become out of reach for so many in recent years and I will do my part to change that.