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7 effective tips to facilitate a faster sale


If your house has been on the market for six weeks or more without a nibble of interest, it’s time to take a look at what might be putting buyers off.

To make your home appealing, pack away all of your family pictures and mementos. Paint your walls a neutral color. Pack away any controversial pieces of artwork. Try to make your home look like a model home.


Buyers like to see wide-open living spaces. If you have visual clutter in the room, you’re sending a message to the buyer that you don’t have enough storage space.

Instead, get those moving boxes and start packing. You may not have a contract yet, but if you minimize your possessions, you’ll make the rooms look larger and create the impression of having tons of storage space.

Freshen Up the Space

Don’t let buyers turn up their nose at your home. Smell is the first thing potential buyers notice when they walk into a house.

Clean your home to get rid of any dusty smells. Open the windows to let your home air out. Install all-natural room fresheners or light scented candles in discreet places. Choose a neutral scent.

Consider investing in an essential oil diffuser to leave running during home showings. Sage, lemon, lavender, and cinnamon are all inviting scents that help brighten your living space.

Work on Curb Appeal

Some buyers won’t even step into your home if they don’t think the property has curb appeal. Mow your yard and trim the edges, prune the bushes, plant fresh flowers, and spruce up your shutters by giving them a fresh coat of paint. You may even want to install a new mailbox and outdoor light fixtures.

Consider a Mini-Renovation Not everyone likes a fixer-upper. Stained carpets and less than appealing paint colors will look like dollars needed for the renovation, in the buyer’s eyes.

Small renovations may lead to a big payoff. Consider installing a smart thermostat, replacing hardware and other inexpensive changes that will take away the label of a fixer-upper.

Stage Like an Expert

You’ve depersonalized, decluttered, renovated, and worked on curb appeal. Now it’s time to stage your home like a pro.

Place brand new towels and candles in the bathroom. Place a decorative bowl filled with apples, lemons, or limes in the kitchen. Fill a clear glass cookie jar with fresh cookies on the kitchen counter.

Ask Your Agent About Pricing

If your home isn’t selling after you’ve done everything above, it’s time to talk to your real estate agent about adjusting the price.

This is where your agent’s knowledge of your market and the amenities of your home come in. If your home is priced competitively, buyers will feel like they’re getting a deal. A $5,000-$10,000 reduction may be all it takes to motivate the right buyer.

Make Your Home More Accessible

Make your home available for showings. If you limit your home to prescheduled viewings, you’re not going to be able to sell as quickly. If you’re flexible with when you allow buyers to see your property, you’ll have a better chance of getting more traffic and more potential buyers into your home.

Linda Schlitt GonzalezLinda Schlitt Gonzalez is Co-owner and Broker of Coldwell Banker Paradise, which has over 300 professional, full-time real estate agents who would be delighted to help you find the perfect home. To find an agent near you, call the main office at 772 778-2029.

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