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Build a Family Campfire Pit

There’s nothing quite like sitting around a campfire with family or friends. Singing songs, telling stories, and roasting something over the fire sets the stage for great memories and family bonding. You don’t have to go on an organized camp trip to have this experience. Build a conversation campfire and tap into some family history. For adults it’s a time when they can tell some Big Fish stories and a time for kids to tell their own stories and have the adults really listen to them.

Creating the atmosphere is pretty simple, depending on how elaborate you want the area to be. You can find pre-built campfire pits or you can build it yourself. In fact this can be a family endeavor.

Do It Yourself

Before starting to build, be sure to clear away all brush and leaves for at least 20 feet around the future pit. There are many ways to build a homemade fire pit. To start you will need to dig a hole 12 or more inches deep and about 4 feet around. To make certain that the circumference is even all around, use a tape measure and measure from the middle of the campfire pit out. From this point on, you can “dig” into your own creativity. A wall will need to be constructed with cement or bricks. Ideally every family member will have a part in this creation. Once you have designed your campfire pit, mixing and pouring cement is easy and quick. If you pour cement for instance, you could have your children or pets place their hands or paws in the wet cement for a lasting monument to commemorate this activity. Another idea is to decorate the wall that boarders the pit — inlay decorative rocks or bricks to create your own unique design.

Buy Pre-made

If you decide to buy a ready-made campfire pit, you should still clear the area of weeds and debris for safety sake. You also can personalize it by putting a cement boarder around the fire pit, or use bricks from an old walkway or fireplace.

For seating around the fire, get a couple of long logs and station each end in or on cement blocks.

Regardless how you do it. Just do it. And, you will have many kumbaya evenings in your own backyard.

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