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Coldwell Banker is Home To: Dreamers

"If you dream it, you can do it.”

                                     -Walt Disney

The first trip to the moon. The first intercontinental flight. Medicine. Science. Your favorite movie. That local coffee shop you love going to every Sunday morning. Almost everything that touches our lives are the result of many things – no doubt hard work being one of them – but they all started out as a dream. 

Dreamers make the world go ’round, and as the iconic “Think Different” campaign from Apple says – dreamers are the ones who change the world and move us all forward. Each dream from each person on this planet is a small step forward for us all. At Coldwell Banker, we are lucky to have so many dreamers call our brand home. 

In the second installment in our ‘Coldwell Banker is Home To‘ series, we look at one such dreamer – Coldwell Banker Beau Hulse Realty Group agent Joe Piccininni. When Joe was a kid, he wrote a letter to Disney’s head of Imagineering – who wrote him back and gave him some life changing advice. 

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