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Four Solid Open House Tips for Buyers

Before attending an open house, most buyers have already viewed a home online. They’ve explored the rooms, done some 360-degree views, and now they’re ready to walk through their potential new residence. If you’re searching for the perfect place to call home, follow these bits of advice when you attend your next open house.

1. Keep Your Emotions Under Wraps

Emotions can often run high in the home-buying process. Whether you love or loathe the home you just walked into, don’t reveal it. It’s always best to remain even-keeled when visiting a home. If you show your enthusiasm (or lack of it), you may compromise your position as a buyer — and this could potentially work against you in the future.

2. Don’t Overlook the Details

As a potential buyer, an open house is your opportunity to inspect every nook and cranny of the home you’re visiting. Don’t just pay attention to closet sizes and whether or not the kitchen has been updated — look for the flaws. Are there cracks in the ceiling or walls? Damage to the floors or windows? Take note of it. Here are some other common issues to watch for. Also, if other potential buyers are touring the home, be mindful of their reactions. Are they enthusiastic about something or are they turning on their heels and hightailing it out of there? These are signs the house may get a lot of offers — or it may be wrought with issues.

3. Get Permission to Snap Photos

Pictures are the best way to help you remember certain features or problem areas of a home, but don’t just whip out your smartphone and start snapping pictures. During a showing or open house, it’s always polite to ask the homeowner (or at least the real estate agent) if you may take photos.

4. Don’t Snoop Around

Some buyers think an open house is an open invitation to peek wherever they’d like. While it’s acceptable to check out storage space in closets and cabinets (you want to know just how much storage space you’ll have in your potential new home), it’s not okay to rummage through someone’s personal items. Look around, but never snoop.

From a buyer’s perspective, an open house is an opportunity to discover the home of your dreams. By following the tips above, you can make the process efficient and effective. Happy house hunting!

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