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How to Brighten Your Pool Design this Summer

Summer in Florida can be defined by exactly one word: hot! Luckily for you, your backyard pool can keep you cool in the heat — and also provide many hours of fun for the whole family. Are you feeling like your pool design has become drab over years of use, or just feeling utterly uninspired by your entire pool area? Here are a few ways to spice up your pool’s appearance this summer.

Light It Up, Baby!

How is your pool lighting? No, not your backyard spotlights or lights that shine through from the street or alley. How is the lighting in and around your actual pool? Even in the dead of day, when the sun above shines the brightest, you can spruce up your pool with a few new lights. Try these:

  • Waterfall lights: Did you know that you can enhance your pool’s built-in (or even added on!) waterfall with lights? Some lights cycle through a variety of color and instantly add appeal to your pool.
  • Below-the-water lights: Have you seen built-in, under-the-water-line lights in friends’ pools or at hotels and wondered at the extra shine they add? You don’t have to go back to the build phase to add those to your pool — find some you can securely attach to the side and brighten up the water!
  • Strategic spotlights: Landscape lighting has been all the rage lately, but this addition doesn’t have to just add attention to your plants — you can use the same style and positioning of lights to add appeal to your pool as well. Consider using different colors that shine through even during bright daylight.

Refinish/Reseal to Brighten

The color and patina of your pool may have indeed gone dull. If you have the availability and budget, it may be time to drain your pool and have a professional pool company come in to refinish and reseal the entire structure. During this process, choose your colors carefully. Although many homeowners prefer blue, for how well it reflects water, you can actually choose from many different hues — or even variations on shades of blue. Compare these color offerings to the rest of your backyard to give your pool design a boost. If you’re adventurous, you may even be able to DIY!

Surround Your Pool with Greatness

What surrounds your pool? Tired cement, old pavers, drooping plants, or last year’s already dull table and chairs? Sometimes, your pool may seem drab because it’s surrounded by drab. And you don’t have to break the bank to undo this view! Add some interesting planters with unusual or colorful plants strategically placed around your concrete surround. Update old pavers or tired concrete with spray-on sealants in interesting colors or with added sparkle — or glow-in-the-dark formula. Swap out seat padding and umbrellas that have faded with new fabric and designs. You can spend thriftily but still add color and interest to your entire pool area and to your home.

Still stuck on inspiration? Imagine other pools you’ve visited, seen online, or experienced while on vacation. Make a list of what you loved about those designs and create a plan to gradually implement changes as a result — even if you add or change only one small thing each week, you’ll be able to significantly improve your pool design and enjoyment of its use!

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