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Paint Color Ideas to Make a Big Change … Fast

Once you have a few paint color ideas in your back pocket, you’re one step closer to making a dramatic change in your home. Whether you want bold and bright or soft and subtle, there’s a hue to do it. If you’re in the process of picking out a paint color for any room in your home, check out this blog post for some ideas.

Create a Color Scheme

Before you even peruse the paint chips at the store, start by creating a color scheme for your home. Pick three objects from around the house that have a special meaning to you, and bring them to the store. Find three sample strips with those colors, and you have a good idea of your home’s general color scheme.

Get Playful with Your Paint

When you embark on a painting project, it’s not just about slathering a solid wall in color. Think about using the paint to play up a room’s architecture — the doorways, mantels, built-ins, and molding, for example. It’s a great way to emphasize the details and create new focal points.

Add Contrast

When thinking of paint color ideas, don’t be afraid to mix it up by using different, but complementary, shades of paint. For example, if you choose sandy beige for your living room walls, create an accent wall that’s three shades darker. The contrast of light and dark will add some instant visual interest and give your room a contemporary edge.

Go Light with Your Ceiling

Many homeowners keep their ceilings white, and while this certainly gives the room an airy feel, you can achieve the same effect by painting the ceiling a lighter shade than the wall color. Consider the ceiling a fifth wall in your room.

Partially Paint Your Room

If you really want to give some edginess to your home, opt for vivid swipes of paint instead of a solid wall of color. It’s a way to create instant drama, and when you’re ready for something fresh, it’s easy to paint over. Click through this gallery for some inspiration.

Selecting from some of these paint color ideas is a way to instantly update your home, whether you’re looking to create a soothing sanctuary or boost a room’s energy level. There’s power in paint, and the only question is, which colors will you choose?

Image Source: Flickr/Aditi Rao

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