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Selling Your Home? Don’t Make These Silly Mistakes

When you’re selling your home, you want to make sure you’re doing everything right. You don’t want to inadvertently turn off potential buyers. Yet many homeowners make major mistakes that can end up killing a home sale. Here are a few of the things to avoid when you put your home on the market.

Musty Odors

If your house smells musty when potential buyers walk through the door, they might turn right back around. A musty, dank odor could signal mildew or even mold, which is a big concern. If your home has a mold outbreak, you’re best suited to call in a professional for areas larger than 10 square feet. For smaller mold patches, you can scrub with water and detergent. A dehumidifier is another smart option for airing out damp parts of your home.

Stinky Pets

Another offensive smell? Pet odors. When you’re selling your home, it’s important to set the scene with pleasing, welcoming aromas, such as the scent of vanilla or freshly baked cookies. Nobody wants to breathe in the less-than-delightful scent from soiled carpets or wet dogs. A good solution before putting your home on the market is getting your carpet professionally cleaned.

Too Much Clutter

When you put your home up for sale, the house should absolutely sparkle. Yet many homeowners fail to make their homes look as attractive as possible. Be sure to take down personal items such as family photos, and organize the areas in your home that are traditionally messy — the kitchen counter, laundry room, and pantry, for example.

Unwanted Pests

When you’re selling your home, don’t overlook the baseboards and windows. Many sellers don’t think to look there, but that’s often where signs of pest infestations are found. If a potential buyer notices a trail of carpenter ants marching along your baseboards or small gaps in your home’s exterior, they may think twice about making an offer.

Fragrant Cuisine

Do you love a great Friday-night fish fry? Or how about a dish of spicy enchiladas? Consider keeping these items off the menu while your home is on the market. Certain types of food can have a lingering smell that might not be appetizing to potential buyers. If it’s a nice day, open up some windows to air out your kitchen and let any unsavory smells drift away.

Selling your home is an exciting time. Make sure you’re doing all the right things to make your house as appealing as possible to potential buyers.

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