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Should I Seal My Driveway?

Your driveway may have seen better days. Months or years of rain, snow, and driving back and forth can cause numerous imperfections to form on the surface. A simple solution is to have the driveway seal-coated. Sealing a driveway simply means that a specially formulated sealant is poured over the surface to fill holes and cracks and cover up unsightly marks on the surface. When done properly, it can make the driveway look brand new again. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when deciding if it’s a good idea to hire someone to seal your driveway today.

Wild Weather

When you live in a city like Philadelphia that has weird, wild swings in the weather, it’s a good idea to have your asphalt driveway sealed about every other year or so. In Philadelphia, the weather can go from snow on the ground with freezing temperatures to 80-degree heat in as little as a couple of weeks. Those swings cause the asphalt to expand and contract often, leading to cracks.

After Heavy Snowfall

After a long, hard winter with loads of snow accumulations, you may have to have the driveway sealed almost immediately in the spring. The constant shoveling of snow and putting down harsh rock salt during winter can cause significant damage to the surface.

Oil or Fluid Leak

If one of your cars recently had a bad oil or fluid leak and stained the driveway, that’s another good reason to have the driveway sealed. Oil stains can’t be removed by simply running water over the surface — you have to get them covered.

If You’re Planning to Sell Soon

If you hope to sell your house soon, put getting your driveway sealed on the to-do list. Many real estate agents will tell you that curb appeal is crucial to selling your home at a price that will be close to your asking price. Many homes in large cities don’t have driveways at all, so having an attractive one with a smooth, black surface can be a big draw.

When to Hold Off: Is the Asphalt Fairly New?

Sealing is a good idea for many situations, but you should not seal a driveway surface that has been laid recently. You need to give a new driveway at least six months to set before seal-coating it.

The decision on whether it’s time to get your driveway sealed is mostly an aesthetic one; however, keep in mind that investing in this service can have many positive effects on the value of your home. Consider these factors in your decision before calling a professional for a quote to seal your driveway.

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