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Techs that Detect: A Smarter Way to Keep your Home Safe

The following post is a guest contribution from Angel Piontek, Associate Broker and VP of Marketing for Coldwell Banker Elite in Fredericksburg, VA

A routine security check happens at every home at the end of each day.  Are the doors locked?  Was the garage door closed after letting the dog out one last time? Is that alarm set? Peace of mind doesn’t always come cheap but with the emergence of connected devices, you have some incredible options. You no longer have to invest in a whole home security system to keep you safe nor does it require professional installation.

I attended CES this month and was struck by how much innovative technology is available to keep our homes safe.  Safety and security are usually at the top of every homeowner’s list so this isn’t surprising. It not only keeps your home and belongings safe, more importantly, it keeps the people you love safe.


There are some incredible products out there that allow us to monitor our homes from anywhere, but it will also alert us if something is amiss.  We have the ability to receive alerts before an incident occurs.  Honeywell’s all-in-one security system has facial recognition that will let you know if there’s a person in the house that it doesn’t recognize.  No more house parties for your teen when you’re out of town!  Somfy’s outdoor camera with detection software called SomfyVision knows if it there’s a car, animal or a person within its field of view.  If a person lingers within range of the camera, it will deliver a customizable voice message. If they don’t leave within a predetermined amount of time, a 110-decibel siren will sound.  This technology minimizes false alarm notifications and you can literally deliver a message to “GET OUT OF MY YARD!”  The camera will be available in late 2018.


Home security is a natural entry into the smart home space for a lot of homeowners.  We have been accustomed to paying for security systems long before the Internet of Things came into existence.  Most consumers will pay more for products that offer safety and security because at its core, they are paying for peace of mind.


If you have a home security system, you already know that you may be eligible for discounts on your monthly homeowners’ insurance bill.  These savings add up over time.  If you’re shopping for a new smart home security system, some insurance companies have partnered with companies like Canary and ADT to bring you discounted pricing.

There are many options for connected home security that range from full professional installation to DIY solutions.  These products include smart locks, lighting, motion detectors, window sensors, and cameras.  Devices like smart locks allow us to stop doing silly things like leaving a key under a door mat – as if no one knows to check there!  You can buy products based on your actual need and protecting your home has never been easier.


If you are selling a home with any of these smart home security devices, make sure you work with an agent who knows how to properly market the home.  An agent who is smart home certified knows what buyers are looking for, how to enhance the marketing of your home to achieve the most impact in the market, they can also give you advice on what to watch out for. 

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