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Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

Updating your kitchen can be easy, inexpensive, and pack a punch just by changing these three things.

1. Change your backsplash to update your kitchen on a budget.

Depending on how big your kitchen is, your backsplash may cover a large or small area, but no matter how old or traditional, this update packs a powerful punch. There are many tile styles to choose from, and you can design your own using whatever pattern or color scheme that meets your fancy. A tile contractor can remove and replace a backsplash in little time or expense and makes it easy to update your kitchen on a budget.

Redding’s Design Time and Tile has many different choices of style, texture, and prices to choose from. If you are looking for an even lower priced option with the same amount of impact, why not try the new peel and stick kitchen tiles now available? With no grout needed and no special tools, you can complete your project in a few minutes using just a pair of scissors. Tiles are removable, so if you decide you don’t like it, you can remove it and change your kitchen at any time.

2. Update your hardware.

Outdated hardware can give your kitchen a tired, dull look. For a day of work and a fairly low financial outlay, you can give your kitchen a new face lift. Cabinet knobs come in a plethora of different styles, shapes, colors, and metals. Redding’s Cabinet Connection has a large selection available, as well as a professional designer to help you make the right selection for you and your budget. Removal and replacement is fairly easy, if you stick with the same screw size as the old hardware. Bold medals and whimsical colors or shapes can add interest to your kitchen and at the same time display your own unique style.

3. Add a new fantastic faucet.

A new faucet in your kitchen can give you an instant upgrade, and it modernizes the look in just one quick turn of the pliers. Faucets come in modern styles ranging from the ability to turn the water on with a touch, to the antique look of brushed copper. There are high-neck designs in shiny stainless steel for a more industrial design. There are many choices and configurations allowing for pull down spray nozzles.

Follow these three steps to add modern, stylish upgrades to your kitchen, and add your own expression to give your kitchen an upscale, up-to-the-minute update.

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