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Vero Beach 2018 1st Quarter Real Estate Market Report

While the majority of housing on the Vero Beach mainland still sells below $250,000, this bastian of affordable housing is quickly slipping away. The number of sales in this lower market has declined by 17% due strictly to the limited inventory. With only a 9 week supply of inventory, the sales under $250,000 are being captured by buyers who act fast.

At the same time the market for mid-priced and luxury real estate on the mainland has grown by 30% this year. In the $250,000 to $500,000 market sales were up 37%, but a lot of new construction activity in this price range has helped keep the market better stocked with inventory and held prices flat. Over $500,000 new construction and price increases has created a growing market, but inventory is now approaching an 18 month supply. In this mid-priced and luxury market, there is an increasing number of homes that expire without selling if they are priced too aggressively.

So the mixed message is, buyers in the lower end market need to act quickly and bid aggressively or risk missing out. In the mid and upper end markets, there is a selection for buyers, and while prices are slowly increasing, sellers need to look closely at the competition and price their homes appropriately.

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