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What I did on my Winter Vacation: CES 2018 with the Coldwell Banker Blue Crew

The following is a guest post by Roger Pettingell from Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate in Longboat Key, FL

For the second year in a row, I attended the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  Last year I was on my own, like a deer in the high tech headlights.  This time I had guides and Blue Crew compatriots, and it was much more fun!

CES can be very overwhelming.  There are over 2.6 million net square feet of exhibitor space, featuring many of the world’s biggest tech companies as well as innovative startups.  Over 180,000 people attended from all over the world.  During the convention, Vegas is full!

There are so many things which caught my attention; here are a few special ones:

  1. Coldwell Banker sponsored the Smart Home Marketplace at CES, and many familiar vendors were there.  What struck me this year was the integration of the various products with voice-controlled systems like Google Home and Amazon Alexa.  The benefit to our real estate customers will be a vast choice of products to choose from with easy to use controls.  Last year, a consumer would need to flip from app to app to maintain their smart home.  Now, simply say, “Google, turn on the lights, change the temperature, lock the door and play Ed Sheeran!”
  2. Drones were everywhere!  Last year, I saw two or three booths exhibiting drones; this year there were probably 50.  DGI, , had the biggest selection and is used by most Realtors whom I know.  One of the exciting parts of going to the show was the advantage of seeing upcoming products which are being released.  DGI introduced both a new OSMO MOBILE (handheld camera stabilizer) as well as a new mid-level drone.
  3. The Big Players like Google, Sony, Intel, and LG were there to impress – and they did.  Google was literally everywhere, from their Google Playground featuring over 300 Google-connected products to on-site representatives at partner booths.  Big televisions were replaced this year by enormous televisions and 4G is heading toward 8G.  Intel raved about 5G, the ultrafast data platform coming in 2020; you can hardly expect to ride in a driverless car without instant fast data transmission.
  4. There were some fun tech items, which you may or may never purchase but were cool to see.  I have to say, I was quite impressed by the clothing folding machinewhich automatically folds all your laundry ($1,000), the electronic cat liter boxwhich can be cleaned via an app, the ping-pong playing robot and the Tennibot, a robot which can automatically pick up all your tennis balls!

FoldiMate, robotic folding machine

Litter Robot, self cleaning cat litter box

Tennibot, autonomous tennis ball collector

I arrived back home in Florida intellectually pumped and physically exhausted (especially my feet) but I can’t wait till CES 2019!

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