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What Is The Difference Between a Smart Home and a Connected Home

Before we dive into the difference between a smart home and a connected home we need to answer one more very important question. What in the world was Comcast, a major cable provider, doing at the Consumer Electronics Show?

phone-xhYou may know Xfinity for their video, phone and internet service but what you may be surprised to know is that they also offer home security and home automation services. This comes at a time when Home Security is at the top of the list of what homeowners are seeking in the smart home arena as reported by Coldwell Banker agents. Their price of $29.99 a month is highly competitive and their services seamlessly integrate  your smart home devices into one personalized platform and app that is easy to use. It is well known that a major pain point of smart home tech users is the fact that there are countless products and apps that all work independently of each other which makes for a less than efficient user experience. Learn more about their products and services here.

Now on to the million dollar question…

What is the Difference Between a Connected Home and a Smart Home? Find out the answer from Xfinity Home GM Daniel Herscovici.

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